Masimo's innovative Adaptive Threshold Alarm helps reduce nuisance alarms by automatically adjusting the audible alarm to the patient's baseline. Adaptive Threshold Alarm is an optional setting with the simple on/off activation in the alarms setting menu.

Adaptive Threshold Alarm Performance is Dependent Upon:

  • Alarm Threshold Setting
  • Rapid Desat Setting
  • Patient Baseline SpO2
Masimo - Actionable alarm notification

5 hr patient SpO2 trend (red) showing SpO2 baseline (bold blue) and Adaptive Threshold Alarm (light blue) with the alarm delays set to 10 seconds.

Adaptive Threshold Alarm Performance:


An analysis of 32 million data points showed Adaptive Threshold Alarm reduced audible alarm occurrence by 86% at a low SpO2 alarm setting of 90%, which represents a significant improvement over a standard 15-second delay.

  Reduction in Alarm Occurence
Low SpO2 Alarm Setting (with No Alarm Delay, Rapid Desat Off) 15 sec delay, Rapid Desat off 15 sec delay, Rapid Desat at 10% Adaptive Threshold Alarm (15 sec delay, Rapid Desat at 10%)
90% 70% 68% 86%
88% 85% 83% 92%
85% 94% 94% 96%


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    Pending US 510(k) Clearance



Masimo - Brochure Advanced Alarm Performance


Masimo - Whitepaper Advanced Threshold Alarm


For professional use. See instructions for use for full prescribing information, including indications, contraindications, warnings, and precautions.