When caring for ventilator-dependent patients, reliable oxygenation and ventilation monitoring are vital to providing high-quality care and improving patient safety in post-acute care settings. Many long-term acute care facilities are faced with low clinician-to-patient ratios and alarm fatigue, while needing to administer many different active therapies, wean patients off ventilation, and chart patient data. In sub-acute care facilities, where workflows may not be as strained, ventilator-dependent patients still require continuous monitoring to recognise changes in status. Masimo’s industry-leading SET® pulse oximetry, integrated capnography, and supplemental remote monitoring solutions help clinicians continuously monitor ventilated patients and improve workflows.

Masimo SET® Measure-through Motion and Low Perfusion™ Pulse Oximetry


Masimo’s breakthrough Signal Extraction Technology® (SET®) overcomes the limitations of conventional pulse oximetry with the ability to measure through motion and low perfusion. Two separate studies found that Masimo SET® pulse oximeters detected approximately 10 times more true events than other “Next Generation” pulse oximeters studied.1,2

Performance During Motion and Low Perfusion3

Masimo - Performance During Motion and Low Perfusion

Masimo SET® had 3% missed true alarms and 5% false alarms versus 43% and 28%, respectively, using competitor technology.3

Results shown are calculated by combining sensitivity and specificity outcomes of the machine-generated and volunteer-generated motion.

In another study comparing the ability of three pulse oximetry technologies to detect hypoxic events, Masimo SET® pulse oximetry demonstrated the highest sensitivity and specificity during induced conditions of motion and low perfusion.3

Upgradeable, Portable Pulse CO-Oximetry


The Rad-97 Pulse CO-Oximeter® offers advanced patient monitoring technologies – including Masimo SET® pulse oximetry and upgradeable rainbow SET™ Pulse CO-Oximetry – in a compact, portable, and highly-configurable standalone device. Rad-97 features an intuitive multi-touch display that automatically rotates, allowing clinicians to easily interpret patient data regardless of device orientation, and can be mounted on a portable roll stand for flexible integration at the bedside. Additionally, Rad-97 facilitates automated electronic charting through Masimo Patient SafetyNet™* or Iris Gateway™, which can improve clinician and nursing workflow efficiencies.

Masimo - Rad-97 with Capnography RD Rainbow Lite, ISA NomoLine

Integrated Oxygenation and Ventilation Monitoring

Masimo - Root with Capnography Digital with 5-up

Masimo NomoLine™ capnography provides sidestream CO2 and gas monitoring with a wide variety of sampling lines for intubated and non-intubated adult, paediatric, and neonatal patients. NomoLine capnography seamlessly integrates into the Root® platform with Masimo SET® pulse oximetry and other key physiologic parameters, providing clinicians with greater visibility to a patient’s oxygenation, ventilation, and respiratory status. 

Root is a powerful, expandable patient monitoring platform that integrates an array of technologies to provide versatile monitoring solutions in a single, customisable, clinician-centric platform. Further, Root serves as a central connectivity hub, with automated electronic charting of Masimo and third-party device data and alarms to electronic medical record (EMR) systems, which may improve clinician workflows through the reduction of manual data documentation.

Flexible, Efficient Spot-checking


Masimo offers a wide variety of spot-check and vital sign measurement solutions, allowing facilities to select the best options for their patient needs, workflows, and budget.

Masimo - 9695 Root with NIBPT stand

Root® with noninvasive blood pressure and temperature can be mounted on a compact, mobile roll stand, simplifying workflows with quick spot-check of vital signs during rounds, available with oxygen saturation and noninvasive haemoglobin, and automatic documentation of measurements in electronic medical records.

Masimo - Flexible Spot-check measure MightySat Rx

For spot-check measurements on the go, the MightySat™ Rx fingertip pulse oximeter, featuring Masimo SET®, helps physicians quickly and efficiently measure oxygen saturation and pulse rate. The small, portable EMMA™ capnograph is designed to fit easily onto a breathing circuit and provides a real-time end-tidal carbon dioxide (EtCO2) waveform displayed in as few as 15 seconds, in addition to EtCO2 and respiration rate (RR) measurements. These pocket-sized solutions can be easily kept with the clinician during rounds or integrated into crash carts.

Supplemental Remote Monitoring

Masimo - Supplemental Remote Monitoring Patient SafetyNet

Masimo Patient SafetyNet otpimises patient safety and clinician workflows through centralised, supplemental remote monitoring and automated charting. Near real-time information from any connected Masimo device, as well as supported third-party devices such as ventilators, is displayed at a central view station, allowing clinicians to quickly assess the status of up to 40 patients at a glance, review trend data, and investigate alarms. Actionable patient alarm notifications are also sent to designated clinicians, with automatic escalation, facilitating patient intervention. Through Patient SafetyNet, patient monitoring data, including waveforms, parameters, and alarms, can be automatically transmitted to EMRs, which can improve clinical workflows and reduce the likelihood of transcription errors.4



Long-term Acute and Sub-Acute Product Solutions



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