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Hospital-Grade Monitoring at Home

Masimo is committed to helping hospitals transition patient care to home settings. With easy-to-use, hospital-grade monitoring solutions for use in the home, clinicians can provide high quality data and reliable continuous monitoring for patients requiring remote care.

Masimo SET® Measure-through Motion and Low Perfusion™ Pulse Oximetry


Masimo's breakthrough Signal Extraction Technology® (SET®)—available for use in the home—overcomes the limitations of conventional pulse oximetry with the ability to measure through motion and low perfusion. Multiple studies have demonstrated that Masimo SET® outperforms conventional pulse oximetry technologies.1 In one study comparing the ability of three pulse oximetry technologies to detect hypoxic events, Masimo SET® pulse oximetry demonstrated the highest sensitivity and specificity during induced conditions of motion and low perfusion.2

Performance During Motion and Low Perfusion2

Masimo - Performance During Motion and Low Perfusion

Masimo SET® had 3% missed true alarms and 5% false alarms versus 43% and 28%, respectively, using competitor technology.2

Results shown are calculated by combining sensitivity and specificity outcomes of machine-generated and volunteer-generated motion.

At Masimo, innovation never stops. After these studies were published, Masimo achieved significant accuracy specification improvements for RD SET® sensors, improving from 3% ARMS to 1.5% ARMS* in conditions of motion.

Home Monitoring and Telemedicine Solutions

Masimo - Woman relaxing with Radius PPG and Radius T devices

Masimo supplies a range of advanced home care solutions that help ensure you can monitor with confidence from a distance, including:

  • Secure home-based patient management with Masimo SafetyNet™, which combines tetherless pulse oximetry, respiration rate, and temperature measurements with a remote data capture and surveillance platform
  • Compact, hospital-grade portable monitors with supplemental remote monitoring
  • Automated remote care that facilitates the collection of physiological data and patient responses, while providing notification and guidance
  • Portable spot-check monitoring of SpO2, pulse rate, and respiration rate with the MightySat® Rx fingertip pulse oximeter, featuring clinically proven Masimo SET® technology

Versatile, Connectable Monitor

Masimo - Rad-97

Rad-97® is a compact, versatile Pulse CO-Oximetry platform featuring Masimo SET® pulse oximetry, upgradeable rainbow SET™ Pulse CO-Oximetry, and a responsive, intuitive multi-touch display that is easy to use for clinicians and non-clinicians alike. Home Mode on Rad-97 provides home users access only to relevant settings and messages, while hiding others and locking alarm settings, minimising the chances of inadvertent interference. Rad-97 also facilitates advanced connectivity with local hospital electronic medical records (EMRs), enabling the automatic transmission of patient data.






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  3. *ARMS accuracy is a statistical calculation of the difference between device measurements and reference measurements. Approximately two-thirds of the device measurements fell within +/- ARMS of the reference measurements in a controlled study.


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