Masimo SafetyNet™


The Power of Masimo Continuous Monitoring at Home with Masimo SafetyNet

Discover how continual innovation and breakthrough advances have allowed Masimo to miniaturize the same clinically proven SET® monitoring technology that powers so many hospital devices and bring it into the home. Masimo SafetyNet helps provide remote care for patients with COVID-19 and many chronic conditions using wearable, tetherless technology that still allows patients to go about their daily lives comfortably and safely. With contributions from Founder and CEO Joe Kiani, COO Bilal Muhsin, SVP of Software Engineering Omar Ahmed, Steve Jensen of the Masimo Foundation, and Grace Lozinski of Hoag Hospital.

Masimo SafetyNet combines hospital-proven tetherless SET® pulse oximetry and continuous temperature measurement with a secure, remote patient surveillance platform, and is for use in low-acuity care spaces and at home under the direction and supervision of a clinician.


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