Hospital Automation


While hospitals are clearly focused on improving value, clinicians are faced with a number of barriers, including:

  • Heavy cognitive and physical workload
  • Increasing documentation demands with decreasing time for patients
  • Emphasis on manual assessments and procedures
  • Lack of effective communication and care coordination systems
  • Complex and cluttered care environments
  • Disparate and disconnected sources of data
  • Lack of accurate, relevant, and timely data

As a result, care delivery can be inefficient and ineffective with a high amount of variability in quality and cost — both between hospitals and between different clinicians at the same hospital.

Automating Care


Masimo’s approach to automating care is intended to help healthcare systems simplify care delivery by:

  • Maximizing resources on patient care
  • Decreasing variability
  • Improving patient outcomes
  • Increasing patient satisfaction
  • Reducing costs

Automating Assessment of Patients Status Through Measurements

  • Delivering accurate data with context to reduce the time spent responding to false alarms and verifying measurements
  • Enabling simple, noninvasive ways to obtain data
  • Filling in the gaps in awareness by continuously monitoring instead of relying only on intermittent and delayed measurements

Automating Clinician and Patient Interactions Through Products

  • Providing customized approaches to best fit various patients, care areas, and clinicians
  • Displaying data in a way that makes it simple and convenient to identify relevant data
  • Integrating and aggregating measurements from disparate sources
  • Prioritizing events and enabling seamless documentation



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