Masimo supports surge capacity efforts with a range of noninvasive monitoring and ancillary single-use solutions that can help care teams prepare for and manage an influx of patients quickly and efficiently.

Portfolio highlights:

  • Surge Capacity Management Support
  • Home Monitoring and Telemedicine Solutions
  • Infection Control and Prevention Solutions

Surge Capacity Management Support


Rapidly respond to an increase in patient volume:

  • Quickly adapt non-clinical spaces into advanced care environments with a range of out-of-the box Pulse CO-Oximeters® and vital signs monitors
  • Remotely monitor all patients at a glance at a centralized view station with Patient SafetyNet™*
    • With Replica™, view and respond to alarms and alerts from a smart phone, regardless of location
  • Use Early Warning Scores (EWS), configured per hospital protocol, to quickly assess patient status

Home Monitoring and Telemedicine Solutions

Masimo - Monitoring at home with Masimo SafetyNet and Clinician monitors from nurse station

Masimo supplies a range of advanced home monitoring solutions that help ensure you can monitor with confidence from a distance, including:

  • Secure home-based patient management with Masimo SafetyNet™, which combines tetherless pulse oximetry with a remote data capture and surveillance platform
  • Compact, hospital-grade portable monitors with supplemental remote monitoring
  • Automated remote care that facilitates the collection of physiological data and patient responses, while providing notification and guidance
  • Portable spot-check monitoring of SpO2, pulse rate, and respiration rate with the MightySat® Rx fingertip pulse oximeter, featuring industry-leading Masimo SET® technology

Infection Control and Prevention Solutions

Masimo - Doctor outside of patient room monitoring via Root device

Innovative solutions help care teams minimize transmission risks and increase clinician and patient safety:

  • Immediately convert existing monitoring platforms to single-patient or non-contact solutions to minimize cross-contamination and help manage infection control
  • Tetherless Radius PPG™ sensors enable the placement of point-of-care monitors outside of a patient’s room—ensuring continuous monitoring from a distance
  • Expand visibility of point-of-care monitoring data with wireless supplemental display solutions such as Kite® that can be quickly deployed without any additional IT infrastructure

Convert to single-patient-use sensors, available in a variety of tetherless and tethered styles.

Support for Screening and Clinical Management Protocols


Advanced Masimo measurements support the implementation of CDC and WHO protocols for fast screening, comprehensive triage, and quality continuous monitoring.1,2

Masimo offers multiple respiration rate monitoring technologies, alongside a variety of spot-check and continuous monitors designed for use with single-patient-use products:

Respiration rate from the Pleth (RRp)

Acoustic Respiration Rate (RRa®)

NomoLine® Capnography (RRc™)

Masimo Solutions



Masimo - Thumbnail of Managing COVID-19 with Masimo



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  3. *The use of the trademark Patient SafetyNet is under license from University HealthSystem Consortium.

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